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I’ve been building my brand Soca Sails since I first opened the sail loft by that name in Trinidad in 1996. In 2013 the loft became Ullman Sails Trinidad and the name lapsed. Now that I have left Trinidad I’ve decided to bring back the brand as a platform to showcase sailing and racing with a Caribbean slant.

Now is as good a time as any to give a little insight about me, Mark Loe, and about this page. I was born and grew up in Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean and was introduced to sailing in 1974 when I was 12 years old.

That was Then

 Growing up and living in the Caribbean in the 70’s, 80’s, 90,s and 2000’s was probably one of the best, if not the best lifestyle you could ever hope for in life. I made life long friends and we grew up outdoors  playing sports and enjoying all the islands had to offer.  We lived in the sea, whether it be sailing, surfing, fishing or just enjoying island life. I was introduced to sailing early and was soon completely involved in the racing and moving of sailboats around the Caribbean regatta scene. What a time that was! I was so in love with the life that in 1996 I opened my own sail loft. Was doing something I loved and went to work with a huge grin on my face every day. I thought to myself life doesn’t get any better than this!

Fast forward to 2018. After 22 years of owning and operating the sail loft. The last 5 years as Ullman Sails Trinidad. Many regattas raced in some really good boats with some great guys. More than our fair share of winning and silverware. Not to mention the amount of party time and rum! Have also built great relationships with our cruising customers, having supplied and repaired countless sails and canvas projects for them over the years. Even spent some time as the President of the Trinidad  and Tobago Sailing Association. Wore many hats including dealing with government and World Sailing. Worked at promoting the sport in the country especially at the youth level. All in all a rewarding and fun life. But all good things must come to an end. Took a decision for the betterment of the family to migrate to the USA.

This is Now

Now I find myself in Massachusetts USA with a whole lot of knowledge and experience. What to do? Obviously, time to share it and help out people that may be looking for information! So here is my website and blog. I will post stories of my sailing adventures. Review and discuss different elements of our sport and lifestyle as well as the changes, good and bad. If anyone has questions or wants advice or information about sailing, sails and sailboats…just get in contact with me and I will see how I can help. Love nothing better than to talk about boats and sailing.

Update 06/16/2022:  Now I’m back in the game and representing Ullman Sails in the New England area. We are a global sailmaking group staffed by passionate sailors and sailmakers. Whether you want to race your boat at the highest level, go bluewater cruising or just knock about daysailing, we have sails to fit your needs. Please feel free to get in contact with me and I can help you to find what you need and want for your boat. Whatever the type of sailing that you do, I’m always happy to talk sailing and boats. See you out on the water.

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