Mainsails| Making Sail Handling Easier

Lots of sailors want to make mainsail handling easier. Like with their head sails, they look into furling systems to achieve this. Instead of discussing these alternatives, here we will discuss upgrades to your existing systems to make your life easier. Let’s face it, the main reason we change things is to make it easier … Read more

Boom Furling Mainsails

There are 3 systems for mainsail handling. We looked at the pros and cons of In Mast Furling mainsails. Now we will look at another option, In Boom Furling for the mainsail. These methods came about from efforts to make conventional mainsail handling easier. Let’s see how they work. Conventional Mainsail Every sailor is familiar … Read more

Self Inflating Life Raft – Viking RescYou

  Let’s discuss something that we boaters hope we will never have to use someday. A Life raft. For the majority of recreational boaters this is probably not even on their radar. For boating on protected inland or coastal waters its not an issue. But for those venturing further afield, a self inflating life raft … Read more