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Crew hikingWith every passing year it seems our muscles get sorer. We feel stiffer and are less flexible. In our younger years there was no need for warm-ups or stretching. We just got straight into the business of sailing the boat. And straight into the beers after sailing. A good nights sleep and we were ready to go again!

Fast forward some years and every sailing season we feel it more. Though many of us exercise regularly, we probably don’t do enough. Even with pre race stretching or warm-ups, we still feel the stiffness and pain in joints. And need help for sore muscles. Here are some tips that help this aging sailor.

Regular Exercise

In my younger days there was no need to do dedicated exercises or go to a gym. Living an active lifestyle always on the go, as well as sailing and surfing and other sports kept me fit. I’m pretty sure I didn’t see the inside of a gym until I was over 40. As we get older we just can’t keep up that pace of life. Other things start taking priority as well as time itself is passing.

Keeping active and regular exercise have benefits. We now have to exercise regularly before we “exercise” or compete in sports. Many of us are not elite athletes so can get by with some basic exercise programs or habits. For those that have access to a pool, swimming regularly is really good exercise. As is weight training in a gym, or bicycle riding

If you don’t have access to such facilities, then running or walking is a possibility. Just some good shoes and off you go. Running is tough on the knees, especially if we are carrying any extra weight. As we use our knees a lot on sail boats, walking is my preferred form of exercise. I try to walk a few miles or for at least an hour most days if possible.


There are many benefits to stretching regularly. It increases our flexibility and range of motion. Which in turn helps with muscle soreness and back pain that can come from strenuous exercise like sailboat racing. A good stretching regimen is really helpful in both preventing and easing muscle pain. Yoga is also a really good practice to try as well.

Topical Salves

Often times even the best prepared athletes will still end up with back pain, muscle soreness or joint pain. How many of us have felt this? Especially after a windy race or multiple race days? There are lots of topical salves that are available to help alleviate muscle and joint pain and soreness. If you are like me you’ve probably tried a lot of them. Or, even tried pain medicine and muscle relaxers. Here are a couple of products that I’ve tried and that really work well.
Kannaway salve

The first product is a salve made with cbd from Hemp oil by Kannaway. This stuff is like magic! This salve is pretty strong as it contains 500mg of cbd. You just rub it into the affected area and it provides almost instant relief from pain and soreness. It has a herbal smell but it is not overpowering like other products.

Another good product comes from cbdMD and is a roll on application. This has 300mg of cbd and comes in a roll on applicator that is very easy to apply. I also carry this with me to every regatta and it is great for almost instant pain relief. I use this for my lower back as it is easy to apply quickly. Sometimes I can’t reach to rub in the salve properly. This also gives off a nice heat, unlike the salve.

Over the last few years I’ve tried many medicines and salves. And nothing worked as good as these 2 products. Highly recommend.


As age is finally starting to catch up with me. I’ve had to change my happy-go-lucky approach to sailing. I now follow a Yoga stretching regimen every morning for 20 minutes. I try to walk at least 3 miles at least 4 times a week. This has all helped. But years of abuse to this body in racing sailboats has made the use of pain relieving products necessary. I can use them as often as necessary as they are made out of all natural plants. There are no artificial additives. And most importantly, they work! If anyone needs more information please feel free to contact me.

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